Activate Melbourne’s Landmark Precincts:

Reimagining the hear of Melbourne through the activation of key landmarks

Activate Melbourne’s landmark precincts

Melbourne is the heart of Victoria and the gateway city to our great State. We must invest in a strategic vision for iconic Melbourne landmarks such as Flinders Street, Federation Square and Melbourne’s Waterways to maximise tourism potential and create the missing link between Melbourne’s sporting and cultural precincts.

Flinders Street Station is arguably Melbourne’s most iconic public building. Despite its iconic status, the site itself is underutilised as a tourism destination and lacks integration with retail and entertainment amenities that are found in the world’s great transport hubs such as Grand Central Station in New York.

VTIC is calling for State Government to execute a bold new vision for Flinders Street Station that capitalises on its historic appeal and location at the heart of Melbourne.


The Expansion and Activation of Federation Square has long been touted as an important project for Melbourne given its location in the heart of the Central Business District. It is widely considered as a key ‘missing link’ between Melbourne’s sporting and cultural precincts. Enabling development between Batman Avenue and Federation Square would provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to integrate existing precincts, and develop new civic and commercial space with enormous public benefits.

Activating Melbourne’s Waterways is vital especially as road congestion continues to increase with population growth, supporting the development of reliable and affordable transport alternatives is increasingly important. Melbourne’s waterways are some of the city’s most underutilised tourism assets. Passenger ferry services have a key role to play in adding alternative transport solutions for commuters, boosting tourism, and growing Victoria’s aquaculture industry.

VTIC is calling for a strategic, overarching vision to identify and capture the tourism potential of Melbourne’s waterways and ferry services to make ferry travel more accessible for more Victorians, while offering visitors a new perspective of key Melbourne’s landmarks.

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