Our Campaign:

The 2018 Victorian Election is a critical opportunity to grow the tourism industry and the visitor economy.

While Victorian tourism in on the right track, more can be done to address pressing challenges:

  • We continue to operate in a highly competitive domestic and international environment
  • We are not growing fast enough to meet the Government’s target of 320,000 tourism jobs by 2024/25.
  • Only seven cents of every international dollar spent in Victoria is spent in our regional areas
  • Victoria ranks 4th with a 14% share of the nation’s $38 billion tourism infrastructure development pipeline behind WA with 17%; QLD with 20% and NSW with 36%.
  • The ‘jewel in the crown’ of our natural assets, the Great Ocean Road, is operating at the edge of capacity
  • Our international success is highly dependent on the performance of China, lack of diversification is a key risk
  • A lack of sustained marketing funding has hampered long-term planning and brand building and can lead to missed opportunities in harnessing the full potential of our international, interstate and intrastate markets.
  • The cost of bidding for lucrative international business events will rise as we seek to fill the new capacity of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Our performance in delivering significant business events to regional Victoria is under threat as other states look to emulate our model

Tourism is Victoria’s Business is a campaign designed to address these challenges and raise awareness of the value and impact of tourism and events to Victoria.

It provides Government with a Five Point Plan to grow the visitor economy, create jobs and support business into the future.

While Government decision-makers are the key focus, the campaign also aims to engage VTIC members and the wider tourism and events industry to demonstrate the value and impact of tourism across Victoria.

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